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Join Bonny Button in the second of her many adventures that land her into trouble more often than not! Bonny Button is a feather-footed Brahma chicken of extraordinary abilities in Pioneer Oregon. Somehow she always solves the muddles she gets into and has amazing experiences along the way.

In Book Two, when her family decides to take a day trip fishing, she falls into an underground river full of wonder. Readers (Ages 4-10) follow Bonny as she wanders along the subterranean river, traveling through caves and over waterfalls. Bonny learns to outsmart the not-so-friendly creatures she encounters with the help of many friends so she can make it safely back to her wonderful family.

Paperback: Bonny Button- A Pioneer River Adventure

SKU: 0201
  • Paperback -  This book is 8.5"x 8.5"

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